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Renewable energy

World class operations & maintenance approach for wind farm owners.

KEC is managing a Dutch consortium developing a world class approach for the exploitation of wind farms. Advanced technologies and methodologies are developed and demonstrated for optimizing the operations & maintenance

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Regional development programme

Aerospace & maintenance programme Midden-Brabant.

KEC developed an economic vision document for the Dutch Midden-Brabant region. The document is the basis for the regional Aerospace & Maintenance programme stimulating aerospace & maintenance and other high-tech related activities.

KEC also developed the business

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Future of space design

New design techniques and methodologies.

KEC performed a study for the European Space Agency regarding the next generation space design techniques and methodologies. An international benchmark was performed on new design techniques and methodologies (NDTM) applied or developed outside the space

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Asset Management

World class asset management solutions.

KEC developed the 50 MEURO PPP World Class Maintenance (WCM) innovation programme. The programme stimulates research, sharing and application of advanced maintenance knowledge, across various sectors like aviation, maritime, process industry, infrastructure and energy.

The plan resulted

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Food & Pharma

Healthy food supplements.

KEC supported a Dutch consortium with the strategy and business model for developing and commercializing innovations the area of natural food supplements for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

The consortium included various innovative SMEs as well

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Performance based logistics

Growing towards successful PBL contracting.

KEC heeft een Nederlands consortium gemanaged voor de ontwikkeling van een Performance Based Logistics (PBL) maturity model dat organisaties ondersteunt bij de ambitie ‘world class’ te worden ten aanzien van de instandhouding van complexe technische systemen.